This video, produced by Video Mojo, provides an introduction to ESCAPE Family Resource Center, the services we provide, and the impact we are having on our community. The first few seconds of the video are intentionally silent, but remember to turn up your speakers.

We've Moved!

ESCAPE Family Resource Center has moved into our new home at 2410 Hamilton St. To reach us, please call the same office phone number, 713-942-9500, and use the extensions listed below:

  • Lidya Osadchey - ext. 223; Paul Sahlman - ext. 221
  • Sandi Mercado - ext. 222; Luz Mosquera - ext. 225
  • Yesenia Flores - ext. 224; Jennifer Young - ext. 228
  • Amber Phillips - ext. 226; Amanda Salvador - ext. 227
  • 2016 Celebrity Serve Benefit

    35th annual Celebrity Serve Benefit raises $300,000 for the prevention of child abuse and neglect!

    State Judiciary

    April 19, 2016 - Panel: Justice Tracy Christopher, Judge Grant Dorfman, Judge Roy Moore and Judge R.K. Sandill

    Find a Parenting Class

    Learn to become a better parent. ESCAPE's parenting classes are available at various locations in the Greater Houston area. There may be one close to your home.

    Need Parenting Help?

    Parenting tips are available right now. Or ask a specific question and get an answer within 24 hours.

    Make a Gift Today

    You can change a child’s life forever. Even the smallest donation makes a difference.

    News & Events

    Parenting Tips

    Helping Children to Become Healthy, Productive Adults - Without doubt, one of the major goals of parenting is to prepare children to live a healthy and productive adulthood. Although that sounds pretty easy, the question that parents often have is - What should we do to help children grow to be happy, healthy productive adults?


    Parenting Classes for All (podcast)
    KPRC 950 - Houston Public Affairs - Laurent Fouilloud-Buyat
    ESCAPE's programs produce results which we discuss and one conclusion is most interesting to me: the idea that parenting classes may become more common and how that would greatly improve our society.